Single Review: Lissie - 'Love Blows'

Love Blows’ is the latest release by musician Lissie, a beautifully written love song which feels very true to her lyrical power house.

Lissie is due to release her latest album on the 23rd March, titled ‘Castles’. The latest single ‘Love Blows’ is a little insight we have into the new album and with such a wonderful sound, it is bound to be an absolute corker.

Lissie tells us that she "started writing “Love Blows” in Berlin with Martin Craft. I was in the midst of romantic tumult that was actually quite stupid but perhaps necessary in gaining insight & life experience.  I didn’t finish the whole song then and about a year later rejoined with martin and producer Liam Howe to finish writing and reimagine the chorus melody & production. There is a sort of desperation and at the same time humor about recognizing patterns and ultimately how dark & really silly it is to give your power and sense of self away to another person. Of course real love is amazing but that kind of fairytale, movie love of needing someone so bad, you can’t breathe without them, BLOWS!"

This latest single is very impressively and exquisitely written, creating an absolutely wonderful sound. Starting slow and reserved, as soon as we hear Lissie sing her voice captivates the audience. She has such an incredible tone which is so different, reminding me of a more intimate version of music icon Lady Gaga.

Words by Em Marcovecchio