Single Review: Jens Kuross - ‘I Only Ever Loved Your Ghost’

I Only Ever Loved Your Ghost’ is a hauntingly beautiful and raw love song from Jens Kuross’ volume one of his three-volume album, ‘Art! at the expense of mental health’. We see the LA-based artist bringing exposed vocals and a captivating melody into our hearts and minds in this new track.

I Only Ever Loved Your Ghost’ is filled with beautiful lyrics of love and loss accompanied by only a piano and some strings. It feels sublime and intensely intimate to say the least. Speaking of the title of the album, Jens said he wanted something “was a as devoid of poetry as I could manage.” He carries the attitude that he is not interested in selling anything he creates “as particularly elegant or sexy” as his creative “process is such a struggle, that some elegant, mellifluous title would just seem dishonest”.

We are interested to see whether he explores the theme of mental health in the music industry further as he speaks of the “steep costs artists can sometimes pay for a little honest creativity”. Whilst ‘I Only Ever Loved Your Ghost’ is a beautiful love track, we hope to see Jens branching into what interests him as an artist in the rest of his album.

Jens will be main support to Rhye on his upcoming UK and EU tour at the end of March and early April with shows at London’s Heaven and KOKO.

Words by Max Herridge