Single Review: Island - 'Horizon'

Calming, gentle and unassuming yet raw, emotional and powerful. Island are a band who are full of surprising musical prowess. The new single “Horizon” gives a delightful insight into what to expect from their highly anticipated debut album “Feels Like Air”.

This lo-fi, blissful track comes about because of the elegant and unpretentious guitar melodies, intertwined by Jack and Rollo, the gentle crashing of cymbals can be heard from drummer Toby while James' soft bass keeps the calming atmosphere.

Horizon is accompanied by an equally beautiful and simple video. Directed by Claes Nordwall and filmed on location in Sweden, the snowy landscape, the still waters, the glistening sun and the desaturated colours makes the perfect accompaniment to the track.

What impresses me most about this song is the quality of the vocals, not only does is sound like it's recorded in a cavernous room but the echoing of Rollo's emotional voice is truly unique and gives that transcendence feel. The band actually describe their debut album as feeling like you are on a dream-like journey and if 'Horizon' is just the beginning of that journey then I can't wait for the album release on the 6th of April.

Words by Rachel Prew