Single Review: Henry Green - 'Something'

Bristol born and based electronic artist releases tranquilizing final single “Something” from debut album “Shift”.

For all who have waited now is the time, Henry Green released his final single “Something” off of his upcoming debut album “Shift”. The new single follows in the footsteps of Green’s other chilling tunes such as “Do You Know”,  “Slow” and 'Another Light'. With a strong cult following from his past two Eps, with also eight million Spotify streams, you can say people have been craving more music from the electronic artist. Green’s icon mellow vocals and haunting electro instrumental tone is present in “Something”, proving he’s definitely giving his fans what they have been waiting for.

Something” encourages the listener to take a break from whatever they are doing, wherever they are and journey off whether it be to the sea side, forest, highway or local cafe. The cinematic tone makes this a very visual single, creating a complete atmosphere for the listener. With the subtle blend of indie singer, song writer and electronic music, the track feels like a meditative breath.

When asked about the single Henry Green stated, ""Something" is about having someone, or something, that consistently provides you with warmth and light, even when you're seemingly in the darkness. I wrote it for those people in my life, the ones who give me that energy."

The debut album “Shift” is set to release on 30th March, only ten short days after the release of “Something”. Henry Green is set to start his tour 21s t April and is set to headline a London show for Corsica Studios on 3rd May. Many hope this debut album will spark more tour dates worldwide.

Words By Stormie Cueto