Single Review: Elizsabeth - 'My Comfort Zone'

 London-based alternative artist Elizsabeth shares her intimate second release, 'My Comfort Zone'.

The first thing that hits you about Elizsabeth is the impressive control she has over her incredible  vocal range. Each note feels effortless and Elizsabeth utilizes her voice to find that delicate balance between vulnerability and fearlessness, which is hugely endearing.

'My Comfort Zone' is a big ballad-esque monologue that ultimately begs to be heard on a big stage. It's theatrical without being contrived, transformative without being cheesy. Through, 'My Comfort Zone' Elizsabeth chooses to be bolder and shine brighter.

Ultimately 'My Comfort Zone' is a beautiful soundtrack to break free from self-made shackles of loneliness, gently encouraging its listener to question who or what is holding them back and to trust that change can come if we are brave enough to work for it. Elizsabeth is creating honest, empowering music with the intention of making people feel better about themselves and the compassion that lives within her music makes her artistry even more compelling.

Words of Karla Harris