Single Review: Dizzy - 'Pretty Thing'

Photo Credit: Leeor Wild

Pretty Thing’ is the latest release from quartet Dizzy, originally from Canada. Comprising of three brothers and their friend Katie, this band have a beautifully relaxed sound.

The tone of this band is absolutely beautiful, their tranquil nature provides really easy listening. There is something beautifully compelling about Dizzy’s music, allowing the listener to feel empowered and full of inspiration. Writing about personal experiences from friendship to heartache there is something charmingly raw about their music.

Lead singer Katie Munshaw talks about the track: "I wrote ‘Pretty Thing’ shortly after graduating high school. I think high school is traditionally remembered as a bad experience, and when I say mine wasn't, it's usually met with an eye roll. ‘Pretty Thing’ was me saying, ‘No, this time of my life was beautifully heart-breaking, loving, and the friends I made have made me better. This is how I will remember them. This was a good thing.”

In May this band are expected to hit up the UK, playing The Great Escape Festival in Brighton as well as Omeara London on 16th May. We very much hope that they will be back to the UK for more dates soon.

Words by Em Marcovecchio