Single Review: Boy Pablo - 'Losing You'

Boy Pablo is stealing hearts with his beautiful voice which is the perfect mix of pop and indie, providing us with the perfect 60s twang which was missing from our lives.

The easy, relaxed nature of Boy Pablo’s musical creations is fun to listen to and have a boogie. The subject matters are relatable and make the listener feel involved in these personal experiences, particularly when it comes to any teenage love saga. ‘Losing You’ has been described as “when a girl doesn’t love a guy back, but he ‘knows’ that she wants him – it’s really weird and messed up.

Boy Pablo is only nineteen years of age, originating from Norway and has been producing and writing in his bedroom for nearly ten years. After releasing his video for track ‘Everytime’ the media picked up on this born superstar and word spread. This young talent will be heading places and will no doubt be a household name, in the mean time we sit and tentatively wait for his debut EP to be released, which will no doubt fill everyone with pure warmth.

Words by Em Marcovecchio