Single Review: Annabel Allum - 'Rascal'

The remarkable thing about Annabel Allum is that despite existing in an era of throwaway bands who churn out one song worth giving a shit about before your interest wanes like an incoherent lunar system, is the consistency she holds with her releases.

She's one of those artists you can put on when you don't know what to put on. Grungy headbanger Beat the Birds and undercover anthem Eat Greens were both great songs that would work wonderfully to both soundtrack a filthy no holds barred moshpit and a arms aloft singalong sesh respectively. Alas, for consistancy's sake, there's room to be disappointed. Because here Annabel Allum hasn't written a good song, she's written a brilliant one.

Significantly slower and more restrained than the aforementioned previous releases, Rascal slow burns like the tastiest of incense stick. Her lyrics are so affecting in the first verse that sheer ambiguity of it actually meaning something just doesn't matter. It also contains a chorus you can properly belt along to- really a first for her. It shows versatility of her songwriting- but the way her phenomenal voice just seems to leak out of her, it shows passion as well. Added kudos to the phenomenal bass playing in the song, with a riff the completely nails the vibe. The said vibe is a kind of comedown feel, it's one of those songs that feels like your emotions are encompassing you like a warm waterfall. When Annabel Allum is up north with me, I will be crying along with this one with her. Truly stunning, an early highlight of 2018.

Words by James Kitchen