EP Review: Restless Modern - 'To Come Undone' & 'The Deep End' single.

Singer-songwriter and producer, Restless Modern  impresses with debut 7-track EP, 'To Come Undone' and new single, 'The Deep End'.

Back in November of last year we were introduced to Restless Modern off the back of his stunning single 'I'm Okay'.  In terms of who Restless Modern is, back then, it was very cloak and dagger. I mean it still is, but now we know he's a 21 year old Chicago native. This information helps in better understanding 'To Come Undone' as a collection of songs dealing with the turbulent, dark times of self discovery, loneliness, growth and maturity during life's milestone ages.

It is important to note that many of the EPs themes are relatable, even for older listeners, and this is because Restless Modern  is a very self-aware artist who wears his feelings and fears as a suit of armour, finding strength from confronting weaknesses and attacking those niggling, depressive thoughts and anxieties head on.

'Underwater (The Beginning)' is a dark and formidable party song that opens the EP fiercely, setting the tone for the rest of the EP which champions Restless Modern's skilled use of dynamics and different tones and textures, as he  combines melodic, cinematic and gritty influences with ease.

 'Chasing' is a spectacular track, a little more uplifting in both production and its lyrical theme as Restless Modern's hypnotising yet matter of fact vocal laments, "everyone will keep doubting me until I prove them all wrong",  and 'I've been torn apart but I'm okay, and there's nothing left that can kill me".

'Haunted' is arguably the track that is least for the light hearted on the EP. There's a 90s feel in its  trance pop vocal melody, and the track goes in hard on its booming, dark electronic experimental in a very industrial drum and bass-esque way. Around the midway mark, these influences exhaust themselves, replaced by haunting and evocative stripped back nuances, Restless Moderns voice becoming the vocal point and it's a very clever transition.  'Just Breathe' juggles between ambient, chilled out and gritty, heading for its explosive, emotional hook.

'Lost In The Feeling' opens organically, with a wonderful piano melody and a moving vocal "If I run away from the antidote, it doesn't mean I don't want to get better". There's calmness and clarity here, and a softer side to Restless Modern which he wears well.  This calmness spills over to album closer,  'She Needed Love (The End)' which wraps the EP up earnestly and quite magically.

New single 'The Deep End' sits separate from the EP and follows on in the more organic vein of things that wraps up the EP. There's a romanticised air to the track as Restless Modern shows off his vocal in majority in a manipulation-free setting, delving deeper into the natural indie pop side of his skills. The tenderness to his vocal is beautiful and to hear a brighter, more glistening soundscape just adds to the intrigue of this very special and multi-faceted artist.

Words of Karla Harris


  1. Thanks, WTHB, for reviewing this gem - loving it! Favorites so far: Chasing, Lost in the Feeling, and The Deep End. Can't wait for MORE from Restless Modern! <3


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