On Tour With: Ducking Punches

Ducking Punches released the video for 'I Ruin Everything', the first from their fourth album ‘Alamort’, out now via the Xtra Mile Recordings. We had a brief chat with them about feeling at home on the road before they head out on tour in April around the UK. 

Are you excited about the tour? What is the best bits you look forward to when hitting the road?
We can’t wait, we feel really at home on the road. The best bit is always the show. This time round though we’re excited about discovering a bunch of new bands as we’re taking no support to give local bands more of a chance to grace stages. Every band was a “local band” once.

What the main tour essentials you pack and why?
Jogging Bottoms are an often overlooked essential. Comfort while travelling is so important, it makes those ten hour drives a bit more bearable. I always bring at least two or three books too, there’s a lot of time to kill on tour. Also painkillers and a first aid kit. We’re pretty accident prone.

What is your best tour experience?
There’s been so many, we always try and get to cities early these days so we can explore and look around. Highlights have been swimming in Lake Bled, watching Blues Brothers in a cinema on our own, getting a tour of the St Pauli stadium. We love really weird and unusual museums when we can find them too.

What is your worst tour experience?
It’s always breaking down. It’ll never be fun. However, the last break down was because a Stoat chewed through some cables in the engine. Apparently it’s common in Germany, the mechanic didn’t find it as funny as us.

Who has the most disgusting habits on the tour bus? And what is it?
I snore pretty bad when I’m drunk, that’s probably the worst.

What can we expect from this tour? Is there anything new in the set list?
Yeah, there’s a bunch of new songs from Alamort. The set it tighter, heavier and slicker.

If you could tour with anyone, who would it be and why? 
For me it’d be The Cure, they’re my favourite band in the world and it’d be an honour to share a stage with such a phenomenal band. Also The Descendents are a gigantic influence for us so a tour with them would be a dream come true for us.

Catch Ducking Punches at the following live dates -

7 - Peterborough, The Ostrich
8 - Bristol, Crofter's Rights
9 - Liverpool, Maguire's Pizza Bar
10 - Leeds, The Key Club
11 - Bradford, The 1 in 12
12 - Warrington, Old Town House
13 - London, Nightclub Kolis
14 - Brighton, Washed Out Festival
15 - Kings Lynn, Worker's Club
16 - Nottingham, Bodega
17 - Newport, Le Pub
18 - Stourbridge, The River Rooms
19 - Manchester Punk Festival
27 - Bolton, The Alma Inn
28 - Huddersfield, The Parish