Live Review: Turbowolf, Puppy & Big Spring - Scala, London 14/03/2018

Having released their third studio album ‘The Free Life’ just mere days before, the hard rock party animals Turbowolf came to London to headline Scala!!!

As the crowd swarmed into the venue, the incredible four piece Big Spring jumped on stage to warm up the audience for what can be presumed will be a mental show! Kicking off with ‘Cold Foot’ we were instantly intrigued by their hypnotising hard rock, new single ‘Coming Down’ was a hit with the crowd as people danced and banged their head in appreciation of these still fairly new comers to the scene.

Big Spring - Scala - 14/03/18

Dancing onto the stage to some funky hip-hop beats, tonight’s second band Puppy took no time to catch their breath as they blasted into by far their heaviest song ‘Entombed’ with its iconic riff continuously playing throughout! The crowd seemed to be filled with as many Puppy fans as there was Turbowolf fans, countless people were drunkenly singing back the words of ‘Arabella’ and Puppy’s closer ‘Demons’; we wish we could watch that band forever as they never seem to disappoint!!

Puppy - Scala - 14/03/18

As the lights dimmed every person knew what time it was, Turbowolf Time!! Frontman and all round rock god Chris Georgiadis skipped to the front of the stage as the band kicked into ‘Capital X’ with a slightly disappointing lack of Joe Talbot (IDLES), but never the less it defenitly amped up the evening! After a quick introduction of the band, they kicked into latest single ‘Cheap Magic’ a funky synth and guitar filled banger; nothing less than youd expect from Turbowolf!

The real energy in the room didn’t properly start until the intro of fan favorite ‘Solid Gold’ played out of the speakers, the whole crowd was jumping up and down we were scared the floor was going to break! Its seemed like Chris spent more time either on top of or in the crowd than on the stage during the next few songs, ‘Blackhole’ and other new single ‘Domino’ obviously awoke a new-found crowd surfing ability in Chris!!

Turbowolf finished of their set with the catchy ‘Rabbit Foot’ which sent the audience into another round of hysteria; title track of their newest album ‘The Free Life’ rounded off the evening with a bang!

No one can doubt the energy and fun that Turbowolf bring during their live performances, it’s a non-stop thrill ride and we can’t wait to jump back into another mosh-pit with them!!!

Turbowolf - Scala - 14/03/18

Photography and Words by Joe Dick