Live Review: Milk Teeth - Camden Underworld, London 23/03/2018

Milk Teeth’s sold out show at Camden Underworld was, as could be expected, sweaty, raucous and a definite night to remember.

Early doors sees the five hundred capacity venue fill quickly – there’s minimal floor space available when Watford based group Nervus take to the stage. With a quick shout-out to Mum and Dad in the crowd, the four piece deliver a performance deserving of a headliner. With pop-rock hooks, catchy choruses and enough “oomph” to get the centre-crowd jumping en masse, Nervus easily warm the crowd up for Fangclub.

Nervus - Camden Underworld - 23/03/2018 - London

Fangclub are as grunge/punk as it comes. Whilst they’ve undoubtedly been compared to many a 90s chart-topper, the three piece keep everything firmly in the present. Cobain-esque vocal grit paired with a stage presence to be rivalled give the band an energy that the crowd returns with abundance. Fangclub’s set sees the first stagedives of the night, of which there were to be many, many more.

Fangclub - Camden Underworld - 23/03/2018 - London

A slightly lengthy changeover welcomes Milk Teeth to the stage to a chaotic audience. Opening with popular single “Nearby Catfight”, the band’s set contains material both old and new as well as enough crowdsurfing and stagediving to make security and stage-manager alike shake their head in their hands. The crowd looks after one another though, and it’s smiles all round, especially during the (not so) spontaneous cover of Foo Fighter’s “Everlong” during “Melon Blade”. Drummer Oli gets a temporary stint as guitarist whilst Billy does a bit of stagediving himself, all in all – this show looks sold out, even if you hadn’t been told beforehand.

Milk Teeth - Camden Underworld - 23/03/2018 - London

Words and Photography by Rhys Haberfield