Live Review: Barns Courtney - Scala, London 22/03/2018

Rocker Barns Courtney takes on the iconic Scala for his huge come back after his album launch last year. Having an eventful few months with shows in America and spending time in the studio, Barns returns with more fire and enthusiasm than before.

First, support came from Blackwaters. Hailing from Guildford the group bring gritty rock ’n’ roll vibes to the stage, engaging with the crowd right from the word go. Ending up on the floor and throwing guitars, we were all on a high. Swiftly following wearing jolly and vibrant smiles, Will and the People show off their warbling angelic harmonies. Outshining expectations, their performance was slick, groovy and refreshing.

Not being as intimate and special as his Dingwalls show, Barns sure knows how to sell out a bigger venue. Bursting onto stage he smashes a new song straight in our faces, having the cheeky, relatable title of ‘London Girls’. “It’s good to be back in London” he shouts with a grin spread across his happy face.

Soon returning back to favourites from his debut album The Attractions of Youth, blazing tracks ‘Glitter and Gold’ and ‘Hobo Rocket’ catapult his sweeping dynamics and energetic tempo. Barns’ shows are surprisingly diverse, sure he wields a guitar and croons like the singer we’ve previously heard, yet he also takes the spotlight solo showcasing a new slower song ‘You and I’.

Taking someones phone from the crowd, he films a short video of us all, with everyone screaming at the top of their lungs. This was a definite highlight of the evening followed by ‘Golden Dandelions’, creating a euphoric atmosphere inside the spacious Scala as the end of his performance is in sight. Throughout Barns would often silence everyone then raise his arms to hear the cheers from the raging crowd. This was further continued by ‘Kicks’ and ‘Fire’ where his voice is practically flawless for the duration of the pop rock morsels he delivers, alongside the adoring audience endlessly singing along. It was obvious that he has been missed by the London fans, and I’m sure everyone can’t wait to hear his new upcoming music and album.

Words and Photography by Lauren McDermott