Listen: Tiger Darrow - 'Hands'

Photo by Piper Rose 
Brooklyn-based pop singer-songwriter Tiger Darrow  releases emotive alternative-pop single, 'Hands'.

Citing influences from Lana Del Reyto Sleigh Bells there's no surprise to see Tiger Darrow's 'Hands' channel a melodic and contemporary sound that doesn't shy away from a little bit of  dark, electronic experimentation.

There's a haunting, hazy and heavy sense of sadness within the smouldering atmosphere of 'Hands', as the lyrical theme reveals the story of a broken family life, from the point of view of a child. The heaviness of the piece is delicately juxtaposed by moving strings and Tiger Darrow's sweet and airy vocal which flows with a  90s RnB / neo-soul delivery. 'Hands' is fresh and gritty alternative pop song full of substance.

Words of Karla Harris

Produced by  Lars Söderberg, 'Hands' is out now and available for digital download.