Listen: Pizzagirl - 'Coffee Shop'

Pizzagirl honestly instills me with excitement as I surf his website whilst listening to the new single, ‘Coffee Shop’. To say this artist is quirky would be an understatement as his track takes a huge dive back into the 80s.

With eyes set on the dance floor, Pizzagirl offers listeners a guarantee that ‘Coffee Shop’ delivers a “maximum taste for your ears” created with “one spoonful of nostalgia with a dash of 1998”. The track is filled with disco rhythms and echoing vocals that seem to question the lucidity of the whole track.

He writes, records and produces all of his music and visuals from the comfort of his home with his best friend shooting his videos and his mum taking his press shots. One look at his website will give the audience more of an idea of who Pizzagirl is and where he is heading with his music, which still seems a little unclear.

Words by Max Herridge
His pensive pop tunes will be accompanying Her’s on their UK tour through April and May.