Listen: Miki Fiki - 'Tell Me How'

Tell Me How’ by Miki Fiki is a spacious yet intimate composition, bringing together a gorgeous piano melody and well-timed drums with intelligent lyrics.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the band have taken on a chilled sound for this new single. It follows their previous single, ‘Stranger’, that was released last year and is more upbeat with a lot more brass sounds accompanying the vocalist.

Tell Me How’ is a beautiful soundtrack to love as well as hurt that plucks on your heartstrings. It feel as though it should be played on a grand piano in the corner of a romantic restaurant overlooking the ocean.

There is no doubt that Miki Fiki have an interesting perspective to bring to the world. They label themselves as indie, but their music feels like more than that; its an angelic mix of blues and jazz with indie on the side.

With two very different singles released in the space of the last year, we are interested to see where Miki Fiki’s sound will go next. ‘Tell Me How’ will be released on the 2nd of March.

Words by Max Herridge