Listen: Gengar - 'Burning Air'

Gengahr are a very talented band who express themselves in a very beautiful way. This four-piece met at school in North London and have since gained a following of relaxed music lovers.

With a similar sense to bands like Anteros and Wolf Alice there is a very moody nature to this latest single release. The tone seems very rich and dark, with a slight electric twang that is elevating. Despite having such a strong meaning, ‘Burning Air’ is not overwhelming, it still follows the traditional sound of this band.

Felix from Gengahr describes the latest single as, “a song that screams for integrity. Spits at social climbing, snarls at fairness and champions authenticity and hard work. Sarcastic and truthful in equal measure, it aims to smash through the glass ceiling above us all and cover us in the shard of other peoples insincerity.

If you are based around the London area then it is definitely worth visiting the Gengahr and Friends exhibition which is taking place at Hackney’s A Side/B Side Gallery between the 14th and 20th March.

Words by Em Marcovecchio