Listen: Fickle Friends - 'Wake Me Up'

Wake Me Up’ is the latest single from Fickle Friends upcoming album ‘You Are Someone Else’, released 16th March.

Fickle Friends have an amazing sound, it is different and unique to many indie-pop bands at the moment. Their new single ‘Wake Me Up’ definitely does not let fans down, with a cracking beat which has everyone moving and grooving.  

On writing this song, Natti tells us that, “‘Wake Me Up' is about wanting a relationship to work so bad but knowing deep down, it’s not going anywhere. It was the last song we wrote for the album". 

Despite the incredibly deeper meaning to this song there is a positive spin due to the catchy nature that this band force upon their audience.

Fickle Friends are absolutely wonderful live, at festivals, gigs, the works, they know how to engage a crowd with their beautiful tones and quirky layered sound.  

Words by Em Marcovecchio