EP Review: Banfi - 'The Jack Powell EP'

Banfi are back with a wonderful new release ‘The Jack Powell EP’: a collection of songs reminding us of our history in the up’s and down’s of love. We welcome back the band’s unique sounds of husky vocals, guitar reverberation and lyrical exploration.

*Editor note: Article updated with music video, 25/03/2018*

Never Really Cared’ a softly opening song, delicate strumming followed by frontman Joe Banfi’s smooth vocals. A song that oscillates between the whimsical side and the more rocky side of indie-pop music. The song sets you up for the emotional lyrics, melodic instrumentals and a brilliantly executed release of some wonderful songs.

Future’ is another song that eases us slowly into the band’s unique sound and leading to a cinematic build up. It develops gradually, starting with electronic notes, Joe Banfi’s vocals, soon joined by the rest of the band’s voices, guitar and percussion. It rises to an expected and highly appreciated full band crescendo.
The Third song on the EP is a cover of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Mercy Street’, hailing from his album ’So’. Unlike the original, it doesn’t have a very long opening, but, similar to the original, the leading voice comes in at almost a whisper and proceeds to essentially cantillate the rest of the words. The track is an interesting cover that I happened to repeat and enjoy a lot.

The final song is ‘Leaving Me Behind’. More upbeat than the previous three songs, the band probably wanting to end the EP on a high note. Channelling a The 1975 vibe and sticking with a light tone, this song gives the listener a feeling of contentment, although the closer you listen to the words, it becomes clear that the character the song follows may not be experiencing the same happiness as the listeners.
The quality of Banfi as a band is definitely leaving us wanting more and hoping for a full album coming soon from the British trio. As the band is touring Europe this March, we will be waiting expectantly for more of their infectiously melancholic sound.

Words by Jesse Wells'The Jack Powell EP' is available to stream/ download, here