Single Review: Callum Pitt - 'Happiness'

Photo credit: Daniel Stark

Newcastle Alternative indie-folk newcomer Callum Pitt releases uplifting new single, Happiness.

Over the past year Callum Pitt's music has seeped its way inside my chest and every time Callum releases a song, my heart happily hears the call and knows to dance with each beat, to each beat. That's become one of my favourite things about Callum's sound, the way it gets inside you and you feel better for it. His harmonies and intertwining melodies are meant to be felt and they act as a catharsis as Callum sifts through his own ,sometimes conflicted, feelings.

'Happiness' sees Callum combine a vintage indie folk spirit with a rousing, youthful exuberance. As the song waltzes through so many feel good textures, Callum's incredible falsetto voice is never drowned out, instead it soars with a pure beauty that is as deeply embedded within the loveliness of his poetic lyrical prowess.

Discussing his latest release, Callum stated "'Happiness' is about the phases my own, and I think many peoples mind goes through while trying to make a life you are content in, and rationalising your place in the world. It talks about the self doubts and the ruts you can get stuck in, and the moments and people that can lift you out of those ruts. Hopefully people can relate".

With that in mind, 'Happiness' has this uncanny ability to leave its listener feeling lighter and freer from whatever is troubling them. I absolutely adore Callum Pitt and everything his music stands for.

Words of Karla Harris

Callum Pitt's 'Happiness' is out now and available on all platforms.