Artist of the Week #0035 - Tertia May

This week's Artist of the Week is the rising jazzy talent that is Tertia May, who's new single 'White' is out now via Twisted Hearts Records.

A new artist from Surrey, Tertia May blends her own style when it comes to music, fusing together pop, jazz and hip-hop, this combination has certainly put her on our list for one to watch this year. Ever since she paired up producer Subculture, her songs have been more fierce with each release. 'White' starts with a night time twinkle, giving off that vibe of late night peaceful jazz bars, but then all is suddenly interrupted by a clunk of trumpets and a hip-hop beat.

It is insanely infectious, and it reminds us of early Alecia Keys, with the same excitement of hearing something new and original in multiple genres. Tertia May creates her own space when it comes to her sound, and 'White' is a clear example of that, a track that constantly twists and turns at moments you don't expect it to. This shows us her full abilities as an artist, that she isn't scared to do what she wants to conform to what is popular.

We are just going to throw this out there, and be brutally honest, Tertia May is probably the most exciting artist we have stumbled across this year.

Words by Ant Adams

'White' is released on the 9th March by London imprint Twisted Hearts Records (DORJ, Gus Harvey, Subculture).