Album Review: Escape the Fate - 'I Am Human'

American rock band Escape the Fate’s new album shows fans they still have some surprises up their tattooed sleeves.

The post-hardcore band was formed in 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada and was signed by Seven Eleven Music. Although the band has changed multiple band members throughout the years one thing has stayed the same, the continues growth of the music. With catchy tunes like ‘Situations’, ‘Zombie Dance’ and ‘Hate Me’ the band is known for their energetic sound. However, the new album ‘I Am Human’ set to release 30th of March shows a different side of Escape the Fate.

Still staying true to their post-hardcore genre, ‘I Am Human’ shines a spotlight on the advancement in the bands writing. ‘Beautifully Tragic’ the first track on the album is just the beginning of the lineup that takes the listener on a rollercoaster of relatable ups and downs. There is no doubt that everyone can find at least one song on the album that sticks out and triggers a flashback for the listener. My personal favorite, ‘Do You Love Me’, gives us old time Escape the Fate fans exactly what we want; good vocals, killer guitar and some hardcore screams to get us pumped up. This is the song you’ll be blaring in the car with the windows down all spring and summer long.

I Am Human’ shows off not only the band’s powerful writing but also the powerful vocals of front man Craig Mabbitt. Throughout the album Mabbitt gives the listeners, singer songwriter as well as hardcore rock star vibes. Whether you’ve been an Escape the Fate fan for thirteen years or thirteen minutes you will be playing this album on repeat!

You can catch Escape the Fate on tour in all their glory 4th April to 4th June.

Words By Stormie Cueto