Video: PBSM - 'Dance Floor'

Danish-duo, PBSM, have graced the world with their inspiring new single, ‘Dance Floor’.

The band recently dropped their second EP ‘Dance Floor’ - a five track release that their single has been taken from. The indie-electro single is accompanied by their new video featuring Adrianne Haslet, a ballroom dancer who lost her leg in the 2013 Boston marathon bombing.

Adrianne’s experience with losing her leg and regaining her prowess on the dance floor perfectly compliments PBSM’s track, so much so that it gives me chills as I watch. The theme of the song is going to your happy place and for Adrianne, this happy place is the dance floor.

Throughout her recovery process, Adrianne has been very open about the struggles of anger and depression that came with her constant striving to get back to dancing. These themes are present in the beautiful music video as it cuts from cold tones as she screams and cries to warm tones and a beaming smile as her body graces the dance floor and follows its rhythm.

When the walls begin to crack and break, the shots of Adrianne dancing are accentuated as symbols of strength and determination, making this video and single one that inspires and uplifts its audience.

PBSM’s second EP, ‘Dance Floor’, is available now on Copenhagen-based label Møs Møs.

Words by Max Herridge