Video: Meadowlark - 'Pink Heart'

Meadowlark have shared their official video for their chilled track, ‘Pink Hearts’.

The track has been taken from the duo’s debut album, ‘Postcards’, out now on Allpoints.

Pink Heart’ is considered a stand out moment on the new album. The effortlessly cool vocals of Kate McGill are layered over lush and carefully orchestrated production that makes the song a captivating listen from start to finish.

The video, as with all of Meadowlark’s videos, was directed and produced by Dan Broadley, who is a professional videographer as well as the guitarist for the band. The beats of the track are seamlessly aligned with the cuts of the video, making it a satisfying watch as well as listen.

Marking the fifth anniversary of the creation of Meadowlark, the video is a nostalgic look back at the band’s history: a project that saw Dan trawling through hours and hours of footage captured throughout the band’s time together. Dan said that “it felt right to look back over the last five years to see how far we’ve come not only as a band but as people too”.

The band continue to move onto bigger and better things with their headline European tour around Germany and the Netherland this March.

Words by Max Herridge