Video: Justin Nozuka - 'Warm Under the Light'

Justin Nozuka’s soft and impassioned voice is accompanied by a melodic guitar in his new single and music video, ‘Warm Under The Light’.

The leading single from his new EP, ‘Low Tide’, is one that encapsulates everything that makes Justin Nozuka’s music great and the music video only adds to the subtly euphoric feeling of the track.

The visuals for ‘Warm Under The Light’ cut from an intimate shot of Justin playing his guitar to tour diary clips documenting live performances, fan meetings and general tour madness. Alongside these shots, there are simplistic, soft-coloured shots of nature and travel that emphasise the delicate sounds of the track.

The video feels like a montage summary of what has happened in the Canadian singer song-writers career so far, whilst also lending itself to inspiring a feeling of what is to come.

‘Low Tide’ is available now to stream and download.

Words by Max Herridge