Video: Dark Dark Horse - 'And Then We Had Nothing At All'

Dark Dark Horse have created a enthralling masterpiece for the music video of their single, ‘And Then We Had Nothing At All’.

The video is filled with atmospheric, kaleidoscopic drone shots that seem to harmonise with the song and emphasise its tenderness. The wide angle shots and empty landscapes underline the vastness of the world in which we live and bring the audience back to the lyrics of the track whilst also instilling a sense of purpose in the nothingness.

There is a great appreciation for the natural world present in the video for ‘And Then We Had Nothing At All’. It may turn the audience’s mind to the issues of global warming and climate change as well as the pollution of our oceans as the lyrics focus on a darkening impression of the future.

Of the track, the band said that it is their “most epic and ambitious song” recorded so far and we look forward to seeing what they will release next.

Words by Max Herridge