Video: Blossom Caldarone - 'Fickle Friend'

Blossom Caldarone has released the video for her new single, ‘Fickle Friend’.

The track experiments with Blossom’s vocals and utilises harmonies and layering to create a single that many young people can relate to daily: the anxieties of not knowing who your true friends are. It focuses on the trials of developing friendships and deciphering which of those are going to be life-long and which are more fleeting and temporary.

The video features a group of the artist’s friends spending time together, but not seeming to be engaging with one another at all. The visuals of the video play around with colour and seem to be little more than “staged and fake, sort of like the people the song is about”, Blossom says.

This track follows her debut single, ‘Fairytale Lullaby’, that was released in October 2017. She will be playing a show in Peckham’s The Ivy House on the 20th of March.

Words by Max Herridge