The Band Explains: Winchester - 'Diamond' (Video)

British alternative three-piece Winchester talk us through the ideas behind their socially aware music video and single, 'Diamond'.

Combining prog, metal and hardcore, 'Diamond' sees Winchester boldly taking melodic alternative music on an epic journey of adrenaline-pumping, emotive and deeply enjoyable sound. Winchester are blurring genres in such a way, their music sees them knocking on the door of accessible alt rock, with a confidence that should serve them well as their fan base continues to grow. 

Winchester Explains:
Where was the video for Diamond filmed?
Adam Catalan (frontman and bassist): We filmed the narrative portion of our video in a really nice house. We needed the Rat character to be seen as an affluent man who has been blessed with a very pleasant life. A man in his castle. Eagle eyed viewers might be able to spot the burgundy Mazerati which we were lucky enough to use! We then filmed the performance shots at a warehouse that was being converted into a music studio. That was very last minute as the location we were meant to use actually caught fire and burned down to the ground! Somehow we managed to keep it together and get it done thanks to some amazing helpers.

How does the video connect with the song?
Adam Catalan: The video is quite intrinsically linked to the lyrics. We follow the thoughts of someone abandoned at the bottom of the social ladder looking for someone to blame for their position in a world that is broken. The people at the top looking down seem to have a different perspective of the world to people who are looking up and wanting to see it fixed. People who think they could do a better job given the chance. The cat character in the video decides to take action against her bad guy, the rat, and tries to find out what his motives are.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Adam Catalan: We actually got both of the masks commissioned specifically for our characters. We had a very clear vision of the archetypes we wanted them to represent. Thanks to a friend of ours they came out very nicely although very uncomfortable and inconvenient. Scott (our guitarist) is actually the man who stepped up to being underneath the mask and it was up to me to run around like a maniac trying to help with the video concept, props/drinks, make sure masks/outfits were in order and take BTS photos. For a small crew we managed pretty well I think!

Could you tell us about the ideas/themes/imagery used?
Adam Catalan: The idea behind the video is detailing what would happen if someone lower down the social food chain managed to capture someone at the top and get them on their own. The cat character has got to know our rat character a bit (see 'Life Begins' video) and decides to take matters into her own hands. Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems at first. The rat seems like a pure villain but as in most cases there is more to the story than that. Everyone is led down a certain path for a reason and she might just have to see life through his eyes to understand why he is the way he is. Towards the end of the video you see her mindset change through a better understanding and formulate a new plan...

 What do you hope people take away from watching the video?
Adam Catalan: I really want people to watch more. They will be able to see more of the story if they do. When I was formulating the idea for this video I was very focused on the idea that the greatest hero that ever lived could ultimately be born of a great villain finding a new lease for life and switching up their perspective. Shifting from doing selfish things that harm the world around them to doing things for a good purpose instead. I want people to focus on that. Instead of seeking to punish people for doing bad things we could actually just encourage them to see their flaws and do things for the good of everyone. It’s easy to shout and scream at the guilty, but it might be more productive to help them out of the dark.

Interview Feature by Karla Harris