The Band Explains: Black Foxxes - 'Manic In Me' (Video)

We had a chat with Black Foxxes about the video for their newest single 'Manic In Me

Where/How was the video filmed?
It was filmed in the south of Iceland. We drove around that area scouting out suitable spots to film at, time was tight as we only had a few hours of light each day and the weather was super unpredictable!

How does the video compliment the song?
The video plays on lines from the song, not necessarily in a literal sense but it definitely takes meaning from the song while having its own vibe.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Nothing major really jumps to mind but the weather was very cold and wet while we were out there so we’d often come across icy patches. After stopping off at a roadside cafe for some hot drinks we headed back to the car and all I see is Tris slip flat on his ass and into a puddle. I couldn’t help but laugh, I’m still laughing now.

What is the video trying to convey, and tell us about some of the ideas used
The video is showing how chaotic someone’s mind can be. I’ll quote this right from the Directors treatment because it’s a perfect summary .. “using the cinematic yet icy backdrop as an open maze with no walls, a place where Mark is as lost as he is found.”. I’d say this sentence was really the mindset towards creating this video. They took our song and made a visual piece of art that really sits perfectly alongside.

Interview feature by Ant Adams