The Artist Explains: Diamante - 'Had Enough'

Diamante has revealed the video for her latest single 'Had Enough', which has a Thelma and Louise inspired concept, in support of the #MeToo movement with an all female team, as it pays tribute to the classic female friendship road trip film.

We had a chat with her about the video -

How was the video filmed?
The video was filmed in the span of one day in both the Mojave Desert and San Bernadino! Filming began around 8 in the morning, and we practically never stopped shooting until midnight. This video was more on the challenging side for me than other videos in the past because the locations were literally in the middle of nowehere, so we were hanging out in our cars and using the bushes as restrooms haha. The crew and I were practically covered in dust all day!

How does the video compliment the song?
The video reinforces that feeling of female empowerment that I initially associated with the song by re-creating my favorite film of all time "Thelma and Louise", it's a classic pissed-off chick flick that pays homage to the outlaw gal-pal road trip story. Even though the film was made in the 90s, I think its underlying message is prevalent now more than ever.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Oh man, definitely! The second location in San Bernadino was actually over an hour away from the Mojave Desert, and on the way to the second location I accidentally put in the wrong address on my GPS. I ended up driving all the way to the outside of LA until I realized I wasn't going in the right direction, so what was supposed to be an hour and half drive turned into a real-life three hour road trip. The good news is I managed to grab some in n' out in the middle of all that since I hadn't eaten! (Also my friend and I never got to eat the pancakes in the diner... as you can imagine we were both very sad).

What is the video trying to convey, and tell us about some of the ideas used?
I wanted to draw inspiration from the film and at the same time convey what the song means to me, and why I have had enough with acts of disrespect against women. The video is in part inspired by the Me Too movement and situations I myself have experienced. I have seen that diner scenario happen time and time again whenever I am out with my friends, so it was cathartic and empowering to play out that version of the scenario where it's been made clear that enough is enough!

Feature created by Ant Adams