The Artist Explains: Becky and The Birds - 'Holding On' (Video)

Swedish singer and producer Becky and the Birds has released the video for her debut single ‘Holding On’. The home filmed video footage captures intimate moments between couples in Stockholm.

We had a chat with her about the video - 

How was the video filmed?
I filmed the video together with the amazing photographer Sandra Thorsson. We filmed it with an HD but also with a DV-camera, since we wanted it to feel very DIY and unpretentious. We also felt like the DV-camera caught the natural beauty of the people in a different way. We filmed everything on different locations around in Stockholm, and we were really lucky with the weather even though it’s winter here!

How does the video compliment the song?
I’m a very, very visual person, and always see different colors and scenarios when I’m creating in the studio. With this video I just wanted to capture the feel of the song, which to me is beautiful but quite melancholic at the same time.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Me and Sandra had such a good time filming this, I didn’t know her that well before filming this, but I’m happy today to be able to call her my dear friend. We were laughing sooo much during the process and screamed a lot while we filmed the people in the video because all of them were just SO incredibly beautiful. It was quite funny cutting and editing the video afterwards because all I could hear was me and Sandra’s shouting and screaming “OMG YOU’RE SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!” “I’M GONNA FAINT THIS IS INSANE” “WOW” “I’M CRYING, KEEP DOING THAT” and so on. Haha.

What is the video trying to convey, and tell us about some of the ideas used?
The whole idea for this video was to portray different people just the way they were, since everyone is holding on to something. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s love, life, a carrier or whatever. That’s just how it is, we’re all holding on to SOMETHING or SOMEONE in life. I wanted to try something different with this video, not having a very clear “story” that follows through the video. For me the whole “feel” was the most important thing. And I’m super happy about the way it turned out.

Feature created by Ant Adams