Single Review: Zach Wolf - 'Dark'

The latest single by Zach Wolf entitled ‘Dark’ is something unbelievably special.

This enchanting and intricate piece of music by Zach Wolf is incredibly captivating due to his extremely striking and powerful voice. This single provides an escape, it is the perfect song to listen to through headphones when you need to get away from everything.

Described by Wolf, this single was created on reflection of a very raw element of his life, produced during a “beautifully difficult” writing session. ‘Dark’ does not sit in just one category, it jumps over a lot of different genres to sit somewhere between cinematic and dark-pop.

This track continues to build, layering sound upon to sound to create an incredibly dynamic and emotional piece of music. To anyone who is struggling at the moment, this track will reassure you that eventually everything will be okay.

Words by Em Marcovecchio