Single Review: Youth Club - 'The Man That I Am'

Youth Club are kicking off their 2018 with a new much-anticipated and electrifying single, ‘The Man That I Am’.

The Man That I Am’ takes the band back to a guitar and drum instrumental with synths in the background. The band certainly seem less pop and more rock in this new single. The lyric “love me as the man that I am” is a statement that seems to be making a call for people to be loved as they are without having to change.

The Southend-based Youth Club seem ready to get back to performing live shows and this single is one that we look forward to seeing on the stage. The energy in this single seems different to that of their other songs, such as last year’s ‘Misunderstood’.

As always, the band’s vocals and instrumentals are tight and flow together to create a single that will undoubtedly see the band getting even more recognised.

Words by Max Herridge

Youth Club are headlining three dates in April including a show at O2 Academy Islington and 110 Above Festival in August.