Single Review: Westrin & Mowry - 'Baby I'm Not Your Blue Sky'

American folk duo Westrin & Mowry share captivating indie folk single, 'Baby, I'm Not Your Blue Sky'.

Westrin & Mowry are a Michigan based duo who have been making music within the Americana/Folk genres since 2003. If you take a listen to their Soundcloud page you can find a whole bunch of extraordinary songs from the past year that carry their own charm and sophistication, but all have one thing in common; Westrin & Mowry know how to create affecting melodies whether it's rootsy songs to dance to, or thought provoking, melancholic songs to be sad to. 

Excitingly, 'Baby I'm Not Your Blue Sky' is actually the perfect song to introduce new listeners to Westrin & Mowry, as it shows a progression to their sound that wanders into the mellow indie rock territory, radiating confidence. Sure, the bare bones of the band are incredible, but 'Baby I'm Not Your Blue Sky' is the kind of song that will lure new listeners in without alienating old fans.

With its punchy, bouyant arrangements and compelling vocal, 'Baby, I'm Not Your Blue Sky' is a self-aware song that packs a glorious punch. Equally secure and soul-baring in its lyrics, the track is sonically overflowing with a warmth and ambience that leaves its listener feeling nothing but bliss.

Words of Karla Harris