Single Review: SYML - 'In My Body'

SYML shares his emotional and unguarded new cut,  'Body', taken from his new 6-track EP 'In My Body'.

There's a lot to be said about creatives who takes pain, sadness, defeatism, insecurities and turn those emotions into something beautiful and that's what SYML is brilliant at doing. Through his music, SYML goes head to head with our basic and intrinsic human emotions and always comes out fighting.

'Body' is another startling emotive cut that sees SYML pull down the walls we all hide behind to reach the pure, vulnerable, honest, even uncomfortable feelings that are at our core. As always, SYML's stunning vocal connects with a raw, pure emotion that sends a shiver through the soul.

There's a haunting atmosphere to the song, slow burning textures flutter like dancing ghosts in and out of the track. But it's the keys alongside the vocal that really steals the show, sorrowful and completely breathtaking. As the track builds to its crescendo, it's incredibly clear SYML has created another song that just screams for not only repeat listens on your playlist, but to be admired alongside those heart-wrenching moments in film and TV placements.

Words of Karla Harris


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