Single Review: Rainy Milo - 'Hope & Glory'

Rainy Milo’s new single ‘Hope and Glory’ is an interesting statement about the discovery of self-love.

Following her success from last year’s single ‘Chakra’, she has returned with the first track off of her forthcoming album, ‘Emerald City’, which is due to be released in summer of 2018.

A sequence of bassy synths introduce the track and provide a melodic and suspenseful build-up to the hazy, soulful lyrics that have become Rainy’s signature. The lyrics give an almost euphoric feeling to the listener when they come in on a funk-inflected drum beat. Rainy’s voice is flawlessly intertwined with the fragile synths and the hazy atmospherics of the song.

Revealing the idea that if you cannot connect to yourself, then you cannot truly connect to another, the video for the track depicts Rainy being followed by another presence, who turns out to be herself the whole time.

Rainy said that she didn’t want the visuals of the track to be focused on a “typical girl guy story” and subsequently the video was drawn from Rainy’s thoughts on how “we (myself included) always often see that something we need in other people, relationships and material things when really everything we need is ultimately within us”.

Hope & Glory is more than just an exciting start to 2018 for Rainy Milo; it is a track about self-empowerment and self-love outside of relationships.

Words by Max Herridge