Single Review: Mallory Knox - 'Black Holes'

Mallory Knox seem no less than unstoppable in their first new single, ‘Black Holes’, following the departure of lead singer, Mikey Chapman. 

With bassist, Sam Douglas, stepping up to vocalist, the single is a powerful rock ballad that is a bit heavier than their previous tracks. The lyrics draw attention to negativity published online and how people are quick to have opinions on things: a subject that hits home for a lot of the band's listeners.

'Black Holes' is a fresh and exciting sound for the band that makes us look forward to what they will release in the future. The accompanying music video is simplistic but draws attention to the band as a four-piece and shows their passion for the music that they are now creating.

Mallory Knox seem ready to move in a new direction now that their set up has changed and this new track definitely seems to be heading in the right one.

Words by Max Herridge