Single Review: Ho99o9 & 3TEETH - 'Lights Out'

Ho99o9 are strong contenders for the coolest band in the world. Holding a complete disregard to the the rules in their arsenal, they hold the ability to conquer anything they put their minds to.

They merge hip hop and metal heavier than Rage Against the Machine, as cool as the Beastie Boys and have released a compilation here to rival Public Enemy and Anthrax. “Lights Out” sees them pair up with industrial heavyweights 3Teeth to create a hybrid dancefloor filler more successful than Shikari have been dishing out for years. And what a banger this is.

Starting with a pulsating synthesizer and relaxed vocals, the almost trap stylings of the verse do not prepare you for what is to come. It slinks sexily into your soul and once it buries itself there, the chorus tears the entirety of your body wide open. The drums seem to rise a million decibels, Skrillex seems to take control of the bass settings and the title is screamed at you with the power of a discredited nation under a “president leaving them in fucking shit”. H09909 have made their name as one of the finest new live acts and this song is set to raise the roof of every venue they play at. Hell, this could raise the fucking sky on it’s inevitably festival airings this summer. I intend to be swept away by the sheer force of this band- you’d be fucking insane not to do the same.

Words by James Kitchen