Single Review: HAUS 'Shameless'

Cross-genre 5-piece HAUS return with the release of their new single ‘Shameless’ through Atlas Artists.

'Shameless' is another explosive and adrenaline-fuelled track, that,in true HAUS fashion, stutters itself into something spectacular. HAUS are not concerned with being conventionally aesthetically pleasing. Instead, they are interested in experimenting with peculiar forward-thinking sounds and thrilling, emotive arrangements in a way that is often aggressively executed, but not devoid of appreciating softer melodies. This aggression comes from a fiery, determined and impassioned place as opposed to being hostile and unwelcoming and this is also the perfect way to describe frontman Ashley Mulinba's vocal delivery.

Speaking about the track Ashley explains, “I wrote this song whilst I was going through a hard time with anxiety. It affected my sleep, my social skills and my relationships. I've always felt a strange pressure due to being one of the only black kids that played music, wore skinnies and skated in my area. For as long as I can remember I've always been told to "dress/act more black" or that I listened to the wrong music - in some weird way I liked it, and the rebellion felt empowering, but during this period I felt vulnerable on stage rather than powerful. I'd place myself in other people minds rather than concentrate on my performance."

HAUS are a band who get more exciting with each new release. A lot of their ethos reminds me of the energy, intelligence and cross-genre experimentation Bloc Party brought to the indie rock scene during their prime. If 'Shameless' is anything to go by,  it looks like 2018 is going to be another exhilarating year for the band and their fans alike.

Words of Karla Harris
Produced by Everything Everything’s Alex Robertshaw and mixed by Duncan Mills (Peace, The Vaccines, Erol Alkan), 'Shameless' is out now!