Live Review: The Sherlocks - Electric Ballroom, London 09/02/2018

From Sheffield all the way down south to the capital where lies the heart of music, they’re not here just perform, they’re here to conquer.

The Sherlocks, a group of talented young lads from Sheffield released their first single back in 2014 and it has been onwards and upwards for these northern lads ever since. We went to see the talented indie alternative band at the Electric Ballroom in London to see what the hype is all about. Loud, heavy and music to our ears is the only way to describe The Sherlocks sound. After all, they’ve performed as support acts for long enough, it is about time they’re the headliners, mind you they always put on a show worthy of one, even as support acts.

Prior to any sound, there were crowd surfers and youngsters on one another’s shoulders. It is safe to say the crowd had a few regulars among it. Walking out to what appeared to be one of their regular opening instrumentals, the crowd hummed along and chanted in sync. Darkness surrounded the room and dim blue and red lights were used throughout their songs. When it came to the chorus of set tracks, the flickering strobes kicked in along with the indie mosh masters in the crowd. I mean, who would have thought there could be mosh pits and crowd/shoulder surfers to indie/alternative music? Even if it is mild mosh pits! Well with The Sherlocks, anything seems possible.

Their latest single released back in August 2017 was ‘Blue’ which certainly took fans by surprise. They continue to succeed more and more as their shows go on and as their tracks go on too. Each track appears to beat the last, until both are heard again. With many modern day indie bands the first tracks released often cannot be beat, but not with these guys. With nearly a million hits on all their Spotify tracks, these guys are what appears to be the next ‘Catfish and The Bottlemen’. Modern, heavy and certainly a hit with the crowd (in particular the ladies).

The performance itself was one to write home about, enthusiasm and passion ran across the stage as each of the band members uniquely added their twist of movements to the set. With Brandon Crook head banging at the center back stage on the drums leading the beat, and Kiaran Crook leading the set with his powerful vocals and guitar skills, one heck of a multitasker. Don’t forget Josh and Andy Davidson, guitar and bass, to each side of the lead vocals, these guys continuously bounce around the stage creating a fun and energetic atmosphere for their fans.

These modern and extremely musically talented lads aren’t done there, they have certainly wowed the south, U.K is done. But what could be next? The U.S? We look forward to seeing them at their next show to see what they’ve got in store for us, and from what we’ve seen so far, we’re expecting great things.

The Sherlocks - Electric Ballroom - 9/2/18

Words and Photography by Shana Jagger