Live Review: Isaac Gracie - Village Underground, London 30/01/2018

The name Isaac Gracie is still fairly new on the scene but having sold out The Village Underground with ease, it obvious he is going places quick!

Arriving slightly later than we had hoped, there was still a large line outside, everyone inching themselves closer and closer with every step wanting to be front row for what we already predicted would be an amazing show. Catching the last few songs of singer/songwriter LION got us even more excited for the main act, her moving lyrics and extraordinarily powerful vocals blew the crowd away! Her and her brother received a huge applause as they left the stage.

As the room went dark, screams erupted around Village Underground tonight! The lights softly rose as Isaac Gracie took to the stage with the biggest grin we’d seen in a while; it was obvious he was extremely humbled by the mass number of people coming to see one of his biggest shows to date.

Kicking things off with the sombre ‘All In My Mind’, Isaac’s deep vocals and illustrious guitar notes filled the room within seconds. There wasn’t one person in the room without a huge smile on their face during the set, every song from the love ballad ‘All The Burning Lovers’ to ‘Silhouettes of You’ was received very warmly by the eager crowd; the latter even had most of the crowd singing along.

A quick cover of Arctic MonkeysFluorescent Adolescence’ went down a treat, before playing a few of his most popular tracks to finish off the evening; including new single ‘Terrified’ which tells the tale of how he has now become famous and doesn’t know if he should be. ‘Reverie’ and his first song that he released ‘Last Words’ rounded off the set to a huge applause and whistles from the crowd, a few quick thankyou’s and it was all over.

After such an incredible performance and still being so new to this, there’s nothing but good things in Isaac Gracie’s future, and we can’t wait for the debut album and future shows!

Isaac Gracie - Village Underground - London - 30/01/18

Photography and Review by Joe Dick