Live Review: Billie Eilish - Heaven, London 14/02/2018

With an enormous underground following and putting out better music than a majority of the music industry these days, sixteen year old Billie Eilish is dominating the scene!!

Arriving about half an hour before doors, there was already a long line snaking up half the street and around the corner of Heaven! Listening to the countless fans as we made our way inside, the buzz around Billie’s return to London was electric.

A pretty unknown newcomer Aeris Roves was tonight’s support act, the venue was completely silent as his soulful voice drifted right to the back of the room! Every song sounded heartfelt, having only one song out at the moment ‘Bank’, a deep R&B ballad mixed with the occasional light rap to mix things up; it was a definite highlight of his performance.

Aeris Roves - Heaven - 14/02/2018

We are intrigued and excited to hear more from this guy; having just signed to a record label we hope new music won’t be too far behind.

After a short interval the lights went out and Billie’s name appeared on the LED screen to the rear of the stage, deafening screams erupted as she skipped onto stage; blasting into fan favourite ‘bellyache’! A quick rendition of ‘idontwannabeyouanymore’ before she stopped and greeted the crowd with a “Sup my dudes, y’all are cute”; shouts of ‘I love you Billie’ boomed from the front to the back of Heaven as she began ‘watch’ a much calmer song which gave the audience a few minutes to catch their breath.

A few more chilled ones followed in the form of ‘bored’ & her first single ‘six feet under’, which had the audience transfixed and hardly making a sound. Billie took a quick break as her brother Finneas (an equally talented musician) took centre stage to sing a very upbeat song ‘New Girl’ which got almost as much a reaction out of the crowd that Billie did.

A quick cover of Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ on the ukulele before Billie then took it down a notch for ‘Party Favor’ and her hit single ‘Ocean Eyes’; there was even enough time for her to show off a brand new song ‘when the party’s over’ which got everyone very excited for her future releases!

A few minutes of silence before she came bounding back onto stage for a much-needed encore, encouraging the crowd to start a moshpit was not something we would have envisioned for a Billie Eilish show but it somehow worked as she closed the show with ‘COPYCAT’! Huge drums and deafening bass mixed with an incredible final light show and her iconic vocals, this was the only way the show was going to end!

Billie Eilish is hugely successful for being so young, no doubt her success will increase even more as she gets older; as she jets off to continue her European tour the only thing we can think is, when is she coming back?

Billie Eilish - Heaven - 14/02/2018

Words and Photography by Joe Dick


  1. UGH wish I coulda been there! I'm a late comer to the Billie Eilish game and I fear her days of small music venues are coming to an end. Oh, well, I'll see her wherever I can pull it off! Thanks for sharing and making me feel a little closer to being there that night.


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