Live Review: Annabel Allum - Camden Assembly, London 06/02/2018

Annabel Allum is pretty much killing it right now. Hot off the heels of a European tour supporting Beth Ditto, she’s headlining Camden Assembly and drawing in a huge crowd with her specific brand of ambient, melodic rock.

She launches into her high-octane first track as soon as she takes to the stage, and the audience instantly stand to attention. The first half of her performance stays at this level of energy, with the crowd following in suit; cheering and jumping in line with the dynamism of Allum’s music and delivery.

However, the atmosphere changes in a flash as she prepares to play ‘Spit’ - my personal favourite of the set. The band leave the stage, and it’s just Allum and her guitar. She asks the audience to detach themselves from their phones, so that they can ‘share a moment’ with her and her music. Amazingly, for a room full of millennials, they actually do as she says. For a full four minutes no one takes a photo, no one checks their social media, no one’s texting - all eyes are on Annabel Allum.

It’s at this point that you really hear the raw talent in Allum’s vocals. Her voice is totally unique, and incredibly haunting. There’s an Annie Lennox-esque quality to it which, when the guitars and drums have been stripped away, comes to the forefront of the music and captivates gig-goers as they adjust to change in pace of the performance.

After ‘Spit’, she moves into another slow number, managing to maintain the crowd’s complete focus. Then she makes a return to the adrenaline-fuelled energy of the first half with ‘Rich Backgrounds’. “Fuck the rich people”, she shouts, before diving headfirst into the track. Allum has a clear connection with her fans, which is made obvious by their determination to sing the words back at her, with as much enthusiasm she she’s showing herself.

Expect big things from Annabel Allum. She’s already achieved so much in her relatively short career, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

Annabel Allum - Camden Assembly - 06/02/2018

Photography and Review by Hannah Ellison