Listen: Talena Bricker - 'From These Cliffs' (Single)

Talena Bricker shares mellow indie folk single, 'From These Cliffs' the final track to be revealed from her debut EP, 'Drowning' which is out now!

Talena Bricker weaves sadness into serenity in new single, 'From These Cliffs'. There's a solemn and reverant tone to the song, as Bricker's captivating vocal spills vivid poetic lyricism amongst delicate and consoling arrangements.

'From These Cliffs' is arguably the most blissful track on Bricker's 'Drowning' EP.  Despite the joyful ambience that lives within the song. It's conflicted. Shudders of vulnerability and sorrow haunt the song in such a way, Bricker leaves her listener feeling both soothed and saddened.

Words of Karla Harris