Listen: Keels - 'Cold Winter' (Single)

'Cold Winter' is a huge, angst-filled anthem that sees KEELS greet 2018 with a fuller alt rock sound, without losing any mainstream appeal.

KEELS is an incredible singer-songwriter with a passion for cinematic flourishes, and thankfully these foundations remain through his transition into a bigger sound. 'Cold Winter' remains vocal and lyric-led, comfortably supported by unsettled and hugely affecting percussive arrangements, contrasting keys, shivering guitar work and haunting backing vocals.

It's extremely hard to avoid being moved by KEELS impassioned and heartfelt vocal delivery which resonates with a burning realness. As KEELS pairs the heated frustration of a failing relationship with the chilling hand of heartbreak, 'Cold Winter' demands to be felt all over.

Words of Karla Harris

Catch KEELS live at Hoxton Square bar and Kitchen on the 28th March.