Listen: Hannah Jane Lewis - 'Aftershock'

Aftershock’ is the latest single by rising star Hannah Jane Lewis.

This track is nostalgic of anthems by Avril Lavigne, summing up teenage days through the upbeat nature and dramatic bass line. Hannah’s music is described as “Tremendous electronic pop sorcery”, which we completely agree with. The combination of genres gives it the feeling of sugary sweet reflection.

This latest single combines an electronic feel with something of a pop nature, resulting in an infectious tune which will be pounding around your head. Originally from Surrey, Hannah moved to Florida aged fourteen which has massively influenced her musical creations.

Hannah promises to “Wrap the world up in a big ball of pink glittery colourful energy” which is an understatement. This girl is going to take the music world by storm this year.

Words by Em Marcovecchio