Listen: The Ghost of Helags - 'Anthem (We Came From The Stars)'

As a follow-on from last year’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ release, Scandinavian electro-pop duo The Ghost of Helags have returned with the accompanying A-side release ‘Anthem (We Came from Stars). Having received a positive WTHB verdict first time around for their graceful, trace-esque melancholia, it’s intriguing to hear how the new material complements the previous release.

Some common themes remain in ‘Anthem’, primarily the mournful vocal delivery, swathes of electronica and interesting song structures. However, whereas ‘Wildest Dreams’ offered an arguably more traditional slow-build-and-release in terms of synth-pop dynamics, ‘Anthem’ quickly enters a kaleidoscope of sounds after another delicate introduction. Indeed, it appears ‘Anthem’ is more of a mood piece, with the drawn-out sparse ending again keeping the listener guessing all the way through the closing ‘you will be mine’ refrain.

Fingers crossed for a new album, but it's good to hear that The Ghost of Helags are continuing to build on their catalogue with another strong offering. Worth checking out for sure.

Single Review by @DS_convertible