EP Review: Sivu - 'This Unfruitful Love'

British solo artist Sivu is truly a remarkable artist, and still so painfully underrated. After being lucky enough to see him back in 2015 after the release of his debut album Something On High, I have been constantly living in anticipation for his next release.

The release of his second album, Sweet Sweet Silent last year did not disappoint, so it comes as no surprise that this EP is just as beautiful and showcases just as much talent. Opening with Kin and Chrome - a song featured on Sweet Sweet Silent - you are immediately drawn into the beautiful calm that is so characteristic of Sivu, before he takes you in a completely different direction with a remix of Lonesome, another track from his recent album. This remix has a decidedly more electronic feel than the others, and acts like a refreshing little reminder of what you’re listening to.

Four Leaf Clover Love is the only completely new song on the EP, and it’s just as lovely as you would expect. It’s a peaceful, blissful 4 minutes that makes you want to stop everything to listen as intently as humanly possible. This EP feels like a beautifully elaborate way to package this one new song, and it sure does do the job.

Words by Megan Smith