EP Review: Daniel Docherty - 'Life Is What We Make Of It'

Many incredible singer-songwriters come from the streets. Multi-talented Daniel Docherty from Glasgow is one of them, having honed his skills playing in public while busking in the streets of his home city.

Almost four years to the day since his debut EP, This Holy Fire, Docherty’s sophomore outing, Life Is What We Make Of It was released on February 9th. The main topic of the record is relationships and the mood is lush acoustic wistful tenderness.

The EP kicks off with lead single, ‘Hold Me’. The track opens with an almost minute-long captivating guitar melody that evokes an image of a restorative summers morn. As soon as Docherty’s warm, impassioned and earnest lyrics hit it becomes apparent that the protagonist of the song doesn’t want the other person to leave. He just wants to hold her. There’s a certain brilliance to the track that makes what should be quite a sad song, feel very upbeat.

The title track, ‘Life Is What We Make Of It’ is a song that carries much pain and sorrow... “Hope is just a way we deal with our lives… “. It’s heart-breaking but beautiful and really should come with a mascara warning. The story behind the song is that it apparently started off with the idea of an old man who suffered from dementia, who was waiting for his wife to return. However, it gradually became about a difficult but necessary break-up.

The Weather’ speaks of the messy, trying part of a romance… it’s about a drastic change in the relationship. One moment everything is fine, the next there’s an argument like a heavy storm, “you change when you want, no warnings at all”. The production on the track is tormenting and piercing and soars into an explosive crescendo.

The final track, ‘Imagining Love’ is about meeting someone and wanting to spend the rest of your life with them. It’s delicate, affecting and forlorn yet hopeful. It’s about being 50 years ahead and looking back with no regrets, and being able to say you lived your life your own way.

Apart from his songs and great vocal delivery, Docherty also deserves credit as a great instrumentalist. He’s not just a singer-songwriter, he’s also a mean fingerpicker, a true virtuoso on the guitar. Anyone that’s seen him live can attest.

On tour in Europe from February 28th in the Netherlands, catch Daniel before it’s too late!

Review by Marijana Mladenić