The Band Explains: Pale Grey - 'Late Night' (Video)

We had a chat with Pale Grey about the video for their video for newest single 'Late Night' which features legendary MC Serengeti. 

Where and how was the video filmed?
We shot the video just at the border between Belgium and Netherlands. We took a full night to shoot it. It was raining but we had a lot of fun during the process. We were a very small team. We’re the 4 musicians with only 3 people behind the scenes.

How does the video compliment the song? 
We like this idea of a video shot only in one sequence. It shows a kind of urgency that we can find in the song as well.

Any behind the scenes stories? 
When we arrived at the place, a car stopped by. It was a police unit in civilian clothes that were looking for some people who sells drugs. There are a lot of people that go to Holland to buy drugs so next to the border there is a lot of this kind of patrol. They searched us but then discovered that we were only musicians doing a video. They were really astonished.

What is the video trying to convey, and tell us about some of the ideas used? 
The video is putting a guy in the middle of nowhere, He tries to remember what he did, but he is quite drunk and it’s difficult for him to remember. Behind him there is this big shadow that you don’t know/understand what or who it is. We don’t like to give all the explanations about the sense of interpretation, but it represents the kind of weird meetings you can have during a long and dark night.

Feature by Ant Adams

Pale Grey's album 'Waves' is out via JauneOrange and Believe. on the 2nd March 2018